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SINCE 2015
Last year we kicked of a little monthly Pinterest challenge called #WedPin. The aim of the game is to curate a Pinterest board around a theme we give you and knock our socks off with it.  This year #WedPin is expanding its requirements to include a written concept and if you are selected as the winner, we will ask you to also design an inspiration board featuring your Pins.
This month’s winner will have their board published on my I Do Crew Blog and receive feedback on the design of their board from me, prior to publication.
Below are instructions for how to play #WedPin. Don’t let them scare you away.  I have broken the steps down so they are easy to follow and besides,  #WedPin is great practice for working with real clients.  We encourage everyone, whether you are a student, graduate or just someone with a love for weddings, to join in.

  1.  Consider the theme.  Do some brainstorming and flesh out a unique idea.  Try not to be too literal.  This is a chance to explore your ‘creative brain’. But most of all, have fun with it.
  2. Open a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Create a secret board and label it with the month’s theme.  Add the hashtag, #WedPin and #Wedding so that brides looking for inspiration can find you.
  4. Start Pinning images to your board, all the while keeping the theme in mind.  Regularly review your board and don’t be afraid to take pins away if they no longer tell the story you have in mind
  5. Now its time to put your story into words. Write a concept of no more than 2 paragraphs.
  6. With your written concept in mind, review your board again to be sure it fits with your concept.
  7. Publish your board (remove the secret tag within Pinterest) and send a link to your board and your written concept to me in an email with the subject line; #WedPin February.

Now for this month’s theme:  Swept Away.  Yes that is it. How you interpret that is entirely up to you. You have creative license to take the theme in any direction you choose.
Entries close Friday 19th February and the winner will be announced in February newsletter which publishes on 27 February.
Happy Pinning!

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