Meet Melbourne Based Wedding Academy Graduate and Wedding Planner Kiri

Meet Melbourne Based Wedding Academy Graduate and Wedding Planner Kiri

Meet Wedding Planner, Kiri Walker, who also happens to be a Wedding Academy Graduate.

Kiri graduated a few years ago now and has been busy running her Melbourne based wedding planning business, Tiger Lily Events.

Our Australian based Mentor, Christine, caught up with Kiri for a chat. You can catch the full video interview below but here’s a quick overview.

So many of the people we speak to are looking for a career that will allow them to be with their families. This was the driving force for Kiri too. Being a Mum was always high on the priority list.

She didn’t go to Uni because she didn’t know what she wanted to do and went straight into the corporate world.

But this wasn’t her dream career.

Kiri was your typical Disney Princess who loved the fairytale side of weddings. Being able to combine her admin and planning skills with her natural creativity gave her the perfect career.

“I love seeing it all come together on the wedding day. It’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

When asked for her top tips when prepping for the wedding day she had some great advice.

“Pack your car with everything you need the day before the wedding. Print out all your runsheets and supplier contracts in a folder and remember to pack food, snacks and water.”

So speaks the voice of experience and we couldn’t agree more.

One of the things we talk to our students about is having a ‘Word of the Year‘ to help keep them on track.

Kiri’s word of the year for 2020 is visibility. Such a great word and so important when you’re running your own wedding business.

She’s committed to showing up everywhere. Being more visible on social media, at networking events (post corona), and just being visible in every sense of the word.

Does any of this sound like you? Can you imagine following in Kiri’s footsteps?

Don’t forget to check out our Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling and Business, the course Kiri took.

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