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Life Lessons with Wedding Experts

Life Lessons
At the Academy we are so lucky to have an International Advisory Board working with us, to ensure that we are offering the very best wedding and event education available.  Today, three of those experts join us to share some valuable advice, learned over their years in the industry.  Whether your interest is weddings, events, business or just having a career you love, you will enjoy the wisdom shared below.
Do you have a life lesson to share?  If so please add to the comments below.
Bruce Russell | By Bruce Russell
Looking back to when I first started out as a wedding planner to how I operate today, I can really take stock of some of the major changes that I have made to my outlook – both professionally and elements which have then gone on to have a positive impact on my personal life.
A real epiphany for me came when I finally accepted that I couldn’t be all things to all people and it was far better to devote the time and energy to focusing on those couples with whom I really bonded. It’s tempting to take every piece of work that comes your way, particularly in the early days – and of course there is a degree of financial sense in doing just that – but in the long run, understanding that you are not right for every client (and not every client is right for you) will prove to be an invaluable life lesson.
I’ve also found that it’s important to focus on recruiting the right team. Choose your colleagues carefully – you will need to depend on them and you need to be able to trust in their abilities and passion for the job. The same goes for when you’re choosing other suppliers with whom to collaborate – creating a network of the best people for your business will make your working life that much easier and enable you to deliver a higher calibre of event.
Finally – and it may sound clichéd – but taking time out is crucial. This can be a relentless, 24/7 job at times, so taking advantage of any downtime to really relax and recharge the batteries will pay dividends in the long-run when it comes to your energy, productivity and creativity.
Pamella Dunn | Pamella Dunn Wedding and Events
Always keep the reason you set up your business at the forefront of your mind. There will be times you are so busy, or in the beginning not busy enough that you begin to wonder why you do what you do. So every once in a while ask yourself if you have remained true to your reasons for starting and if you need to make adjustments to deliver your goals.
Plan your diary a year in advance blocking out holiday times, and don’t fill up the diary further than two years away, who knows what you will be doing then and what fun you might miss.
Anneli Marinovich | Anneli Marinovich Wedding Photography
Throughout the Summer months my workload is crazy so I make time to exercise and prioritise eating healthy so I have the energy I need to work every weekend and most weekdays. I have developed a good work ethic to ensure I don’t fall behind with my editing, relying on schedules and setting myself deadlines for each wedding. Being organised helps to reduce stress!

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