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There are lot of things you can do to ensure your success as an online learner; being organised, setting aside regular time to study and having a quite place to work are all good ones.  But sometimes, the key to success is much more holistic and simply comes down to having the right attitude.  Making the decision to study and completing the enrolment process is just the first step.  The next part requires you to commit to actually doing the work so you can make your dream a reality.  I won’t tell you that will be easy, but I will tell you it will be rewarding and aside from all that, the discipline and dedication it takes to complete a course, is great ‘practice’ for when you start working in the fast paced world of weddings and events.
So how do you develop the right attitude?  Here are my 6 top tips for developing a positive attitude, that can be applied to anything you want to achieve in life including becoming an Accredited Wedding/Event professional.

  1. Think positive thoughts and don’t forget to reward yourself along the way.  Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve something regardless of how small it is.  Staying positive will help to keep you on track.
  2. Get motivated! When you feel like you just don’t want to do it; shake it off and give yourself a talking to.  Reminding yourself of how good it feels when you do what you set out to do and how bad it feels to quit, can help.
  3. Be flexible! I believe in setting a regular study routine, but know that the real bonus of our courses is that they are flexible.  A better approach can be to determine how many hours you want to study each week and set that study time at the beginning of the week, when you know what time you have available.  If something comes up that means you have to do something else instead of study on a particular day, don’t skip it, shuffle it.  Embrace the flexibility, but don’t let your study fall to the bottom of the list – EVER.  Remember this is not forever.
  4. Be clear about your goals.  What works best for me is to have a BIG goal in mind and then I break down the steps towards it, into really small goals.  However you approach setting goals, write them down and tell the people around you.  Ask your friends and family to keep you accountable to your goals.
  5. Be realistic. I know a lot of people enrol in our courses believing they will complete them in the shortest time possible and many do.  If this works for you, great!  But you have to be realistic about the time you have available.  By setting unrealistic goals you may just be setting yourself up to fail and when you feel like your failing, it is hard to think those positive thoughts and stay motivated.  For some of you it will be better to take smaller steps and celebrate each achievement along the way.
  6. Be persistent. Probably the most useful tip.  Your energy and interest in your studies may come and go.  This is absolutely normal and don’t sweat it.  Instead, make being persistent your mission, regardless of how you are feeling on any particular day.

I hope my study tips help you to stay focussed on your study so you can achieve those goals you have set for yourself.  If you have an online study tip I would love for you to share it with us here.

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