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Our Top 10 Real Weddings and Events from around the World

As we continue with our Top 10 series of posts to celebrate the Academy being in business for 10 years I thought it would be fun to look at some of the real weddings and events that have caught my eye over the years.
Now obviously it is hard to capture all of them as there have been many and some I don’t have images for anymore, but below are the ones that I find inspire me, and I hope they do you too.

Mindy Weiss

This event is simply stunning and is set in Paris. As I have a house in France it is no surprise that I love this one and it features in my Top 10. The boldness of the red offset with the gold is gorgeous in this Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte wedding. To see all the images click here…

The Style Co

These Australian stylists are amazing and I am a huge fan of their work. This event, Feast in the Field, has such a wonderful Aussie flavour to has continued to pop up on my radar over and over again. I love the simplicity of it although I know it was from a simple set up. To view all the images click here…

Olivier Dolz

Nothing in Dubai is done by halves and I have long been an admirer of the events Olivier produces. The focus of the decor for this engagement party was an old tree in the middle of the space adorned with hundreds of bare light bulbs, hence the name Tree of Life. To view all the images click here…

Sasha Souza

Her eye for detail makes Sasha one of the most sought after Event Designers in the world and she has produced some beautiful winery weddings in the Napa Valley. However, this 64-foot long table with fire down the centre is my absolute favourite. To view all the images click here…

Jessie Thomson

Based in the Cotswolds in the UK Jessie captures the essence of the quintessential English wedding beautifully, and this one is no exception. This glamorous garden wedding is just lovely and set in a stunning location so there is much to drool over. To view all the images click here…

Preston Bailey

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you will know Preston’s work. It’s large, over the top and takes your breath away. Its hard to pick a favourite, but for me, there is something about this event with the combination of flowers and translucent globes that is just stunning.

Kristin Banta

At the cutting edge of trends, Kristin’s events are always dramatically different and I love her work and her uninhibited style. This Glam Noir wedding is possible my favourite event I have seen of hers inspired by her couple’s love of the colour red and two big bird cages owned by the client. To view all the images click here…

Lisa Vorce

As an A List planner Lisa has worked with some big names and more recently has teamed up with Ralph Lauren Fragrances. This wedding caught my eye because not only is it beautifully designed, but I have always been a sucker for a bit of vintage elegance and chandeliers hanging from unusual places. To view all the images click here…

Diana Sorenson

Who wouldn’t want a wedding in Capri, Italy? With a setting as beautiful as this one, the styling needs to reflect the location and this wedding took my breath away. Although there is a lot of design within this the outcome makes it look simple and striking. To view all the images click here…

Jung Lee

One of the most sought after designers in the world it is easy to see why Jung has made the top 10 list. This theatrical bohemian glam wedding set in downtown New York draws you in immediately with its rich jewel tones and candlelight. To view all the images click here…


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