Perfectionism and your wedding business

Why perfectionism will kill your wedding business dreams

Why perfectionism will kill your wedding business dreams.
Is perfectionism killing your dreams of starting your own wedding planning business?
Every week at the Wedding Academy we speak to aspiring wedding planners all looking to realise their dream of starting a business.
But there is always one thing holding them back…
They want everything to be perfect before they launch.
Their website needs to project the right look and feel.
The first picture they post on their brand new Instagram account has to be just the right picture.
And so it goes on.
The problem with this is that perfectionism is actually holding you back from getting started
If I can let you into a secret, nobody, no matter who they are, gets it right first time.
Nobody is ever happy with their first version of something.
I don’t know any successful wedding pros, and I mean really successful ones, who have ever felt ready when putting themselves out there.
Our big motto at the Wedding Academy is ‘Progress Not Perfection’.
Done is always better than perfect and the problem with waiting till everything is perfect is that you’re not allowing yourself to move forward.
You’re holding yourself back and not giving yourself that opportunity to learn, grow and develop.
Enjoy these words of advice from Academy Alumni Martha about how she overcame perfectionism to launch her wedding business.

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