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Podcasts 101

Podcasts 101 for Wedding Pros

Podcasting is making waves in the wedding industry and it is only a matter of time until you are presented with an opportunity to showcase your expertise on air. Do you know what to expect and how to prepare? It’s not enough to show up, hope your interview is a success, then wait for the inevitable stardom to begin. Here is a rundown of what you need to know about this dynamic new medium – this is your Podcasts 101.

Why Podcasting?

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, the wedding industry has grown accustomed to messaging via flashing images with hashtags, catering to short attention spans and the need for instant gratification.

However, there is a real desire for education, both among our colleagues, and even within our client base. Podcasts are in-depth conversations that allow for an exchange of ideas, pauses for reflection, and ongoing opportunities for future consideration. Guests and hosts are able to express their individual personalities and build strong followings among their loyal listeners.

This loyalty translates into increased credibility and steps towards attaining industry expert status. Additionally, the podcasts are retrievable after an interview airs, so your words become part of the body of wedding industry news and can be accessed in perpetuity by colleagues and prospective clients alike.

Choosing Topics

If a host or producer has already reached out to you and asked you to be a guest, it’s likely that they have proposed a topic or asked you for some feedback about one that you can discuss. Alternatively, if you are pitching podcasts, you will want to include a few topics that interest you and about which you are an expert.

Think of important talking points you and your colleagues are currently talking about. If they interest you, they are likely of interest to your audience as well. You can always talk about trends or the hot-button topics that are top of mind for most wedding pros. However, you can also use this opportunity to push to the forefront ideas and conversations that you think are relevant, yet under-addressed. Focus on topics that will capture the attention of your niche audience and maximize your influence where it counts.

Pre-Interview Prep

Ask your contact if the host wouldn’t mind sharing the interview questions in advance, so you can look them over. Rehearse possible responses and the major points you want to be sure to include in the conversation. Some hosts prefer a spontaneous exchange, but most are happy to send you the questions so you can prepare.

While some podcasters rent studio time and conduct interviews in person, many connect remotely with their guests. Find out what kind of technology you will need on your side. Some prefer that you speak from a landline, while others will confirm the computer specs that you’ll need to participate through the internet. Test your equipment in advance and make sure you will be in a space that is quiet and free from distractions.

Listen to at least one of the podcast episodes, if possible. It will give you insight into the format, the types of listeners it reaches, and any idiosyncrasies the host might have. If your interview is in person, dress professionally as often hosts like to take a photo with their guests for marketing purposes.

Most of all relax and be yourself. You clearly have something exciting that the show’s producer and host recognized, whether it’s longevity in the wedding industry, an interesting experience or perspective, or simply a magnetic personality. Whatever it is that you can claim, let it shine! You could be the industry’s next podcast celebrity!

Andy Kushner is the creator and host of The Wedding Biz Podcast, interviewing prolific thought leaders and talented icons within the wedding and events industry, such as Mindy Weiss, Preston Bailey, and Colin Cowie. He recently launched The Wedding Biz Podcast Network, the only global platform of its kind to serve the business development needs of wedding industry professionals.

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