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Preparing for you first Client Consultation

Today on our WedBizTips series on Instagram we talked about how you can prepare for your first client consultation, something we get asked about a lot here at the Academy.
The thing to remember with a client consultation is that it is as much about you interviewing the client as them interviewing you. It is so important to make sure you are the right fit to work together as a wedding planner and her bridal couple generally spend around 12-18 months in each others lives.
I shared a few tips in the video and below I have listed a few more:

  1. Take time before the meeting to organise your thoughts & what you want to say to help keep your nerves in check.
  2. Don’t be late. Not a great way to start. Plan your route accordingly & add an extra 30 mins to ensure you get there on time.
  3. Send your client a meeting reminder either by email or call them & let them know how much you’re looking forward to it.
  4. Dress accordingly. Think about your outfit & how your client will perceive you in what you’re wearing. Keep it professional.
  5. Set up your tablet or laptop beforehand. Make sure your digital portfolio loads & is up to date.
  6. Practice your pitch. Know what you’re going to say so it rolls off your tongue with no embarassing pauses.
  7. If meeting in a coffee shop find a quiet table out of the way with room for your things so you aren’t squashed.
  8. First impressions count. Be professional & friendly but most of all be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not.
  9. Don’t jump straight into your sales pitch. Take 5 mins to make small talk to avoid looking too eager.
  10. Keep your pitch short & to the point. Don’t waffle. 5 mins is enough. Most people have a short attention span.
  11. When showing your portfolio read your client’s reaction. If they aren’t enthusiastic move on to other images.
  12. Remember that practice makes perfect and often your client is as nervous as you are.

Next week we will be talking about how to gain confidence in business so make sure you tune in on Instagram and visit us here on the blog for the full lowdown.

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