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Should you enter Awards in the Wedding Industry?

Entering Awards

The wedding industry has a growing number of awards that professionals can enter and they usually fall into two categories. those that are judged by a panel of professionals and those that are voted by the public. It is hard to know which ones to enter as they do take time and effort both in preparing the entry and promoting yourself once you have entered.

In last night’s #WedBizHour the topic was the Dos and Don’ts of Entering Awards and we had some great tips and advice shared between those involved in the chat. As educators in the industry we certainly see the value in entering awards where you are judged on your merit rather than your ability to gain votes from followers, clients, family and the general public. However, when done in the right way and monitored properly there are also benefits to entering awards that are solely reliant on votes from past and present clients.

To help you in preparing to enter for awards we have put together some of our top tips below and for the full transcript from our Twitter Chat please click here to download…

  1. Your award entry can take time so start early. Give yourself plenty of time to get it right, collate your data & don’t rush it.
  2. Follow the guidelines laid out for the entry. Focus on what you’ve been asked for & don’t use text speak. Use proper English.
  3. Check your virtual profile before entering awards. Don’t allow yourself to be pre-judged based on your social media profile.
  4. Ensure your blog has fresh, relevant and up to date content. All these things create an impression of you & your business.
  5. Check for broken links on your website. Are your testimonials current? Does your site reflect your branding?
  6. Make sure your online portfolio is up to date. Use images that really highlight your style & what you do.
  7. What is it your clients value about you? Why did they want to work with you? How have you lived up to their expectations?
  8. Get someone outside of your business to critic your entry. A fresh perspective is good & will help identify areas of weakness.
  9. Follow the rules. Stick to the word count, answer all the questions and submit before the deadline.
  10. Whether you win or not entering awards gives you a chance to really appraise your business & how you do things.

Next week we will be chatting about discounting your products or services so make sure you join us on Tuesday between 8-9pm GMT.

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