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Showcasing Your Brand

Showcasing Your Brand In Your Client Experience

In a world where every person, let alone every business, has an abundance of opportunities to stand out in voice and visual, having a strong brand identity has never been more important. From communicating the inspiration behind your brand to articulating your niche and expertise, establishing your brand persona is critical to connecting your business to an engaging audience and, ultimately, your ideal clients.

Why It Matters

Just as we work to make our processes and workflows efficient, building a strong brand identity from the get-go allows you to communicate with your audience, leads and your industry at large effortlessly and effectively. If your product or design aesthetic is clean and classic or colorful and whimsical, work to mirror that in your branding. Having consistency from first impression to final look generates confidence in your clients and partners who’ve entrusted you with their business. 

Empowering Your Sales Flow with Your Brand

Your sales process starts at the very first touch point. From your website to your social media posts, to your brochures and contracts, every piece of content in that process should be curated. Put your best brand foot forward at every turn to communicate what your business does best. Paying attention to the detail and maintaining cohesiveness at every step enhances their experience and, ultimately, their perceived value in your work.

Branding Your Client Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of 1 or 100. Your brand is a visual representation of your business, and there is someone important (or, several people) behind it. Making the client experience personal reinforces that fact and bolsters a sense of comfort and confidence with your clients and partners alike. Beyond your logos and fonts, be thoughtful in the language and tone you use in your copy.

Also, be intentional with packaging and gifting. Each point of contact your clients have with your brand should look, sound and feel like it’s coming from the same brand, the same team and with the same personal touch. Each small but connected thing builds trust in your brand, the team behind it, and the process you use to bring their dream events to life.

How to Brand Your Process

A personalized brand connection and a cohesive presentation throughout the client experience is what can set you apart from the competition (and yes, there is plenty of competition out there). Whether it is a budget sign-off, insurance release form or a hair and make-up schedule, leave no stone unturned. Every document should be written in the same font or set (if you’re using multiple), the same color schematic and with the same logo.

Consider your day-of uniform, too. Wearing branded aprons, t-shirts or simply wearing professionally designed and branded name tags goes a long way in communicating to your client that you take your business, built on their business with you, seriously. 

Pro tip: Use the custom branding in Aisle Planner to put your brand stamp on every step of your process, from your documents to your client login landing page. Learn how here!   

The opportunities for a well thought out brand and ways to connect it to your ideal audience are endless. Taking the time develop that brand first and build it into every touch point of your business? That’s the most important part. Especially in a creative industry, it pays to dig deep, find your own voice and the specific ways to use it to connect your business, convey your brand and power your processes to deliver an experience your clients won’t forget, well before they say “I do!”.

about the author – Trevor Wessman-Lavelle
Both proven business professional and brand ambassador, Trevor Wessman-Lavelle has applied his focus in sales and marketing roles toward delivering business growth and loyalty and advocacy among product users and business partners alike. In both brand and agency roles, Trevor has worked with a wide range of global iconic brands including Reef, Too Faced, The North Face and Adidas. Now VP of Sales & Marketing with Aisle Planner, Trevor is responsible for the strategies, initiatives, and the teams that connect the brand and product value of a powerful software platform to a broad range of businesses in an industry poised to be revolutionized by the power of technology.

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