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2021 Social Media Trends For Wedding Professionals

If you’ve already downloaded our 2021 Wedding Trend Report you’ll know this year we decided to focus on the trends that will strengthen your wedding business in 2021.

And a big part of that are social media trends.

2021 social media trends – why you need to get in the know

It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for the wedding industry. But as we move towards recovery in 2021 there’s no better time to review, tweak and refine your social media strategy.

Familiarising yourself with the latest social media trends for business will help you stay on top of your social media game. At a time when face to face interactions are still reduced, connecting with engaged couples online is so important.

So let’s all commit to putting some energy into mastering our marketing practices. And getting in front of our ideal wedding clients in 2021 and beyond!

How? We’ve got you covered with wedding industry social media tips as predicted by the experts…

Instagram marketing trends for wedding pros

First up let’s look at Instagram. A platform where 60% of recently surveyed couples say they go to for wedding inspiration, according to wedding marketing expert Lauren Grove.

Her top tips for Instagram marketing in 2021 include:

  • Create content to inspire your ideal clients. ‘As you’re planning your content for Instagram, always ask yourself, “What would my potential bride or groom be searching for?’
  • Ditch the popular generic hashtags. “Sticking to a hashtag strategy of “specific and relevant” is always going to be your best bet.”
  • Don’t use vanity metrics to qualify your best content.Instead, turn to the Insights of your Instagram account to gain insight into content that has garnered “Saves” and “Shares”.”
  • Incorporate Reels into your Instagram strategy. “When asked if they (couples surveyed) would watch wedding-related Reels, 64% responded with “Yes”. I would assume that with Instagram’s focus on Reels, those numbers will certainly be going up.”
Social Media Trends

Need to know Pinterest trends for wedding businesses

2021 is the year you need to be showing up on Pinterest. And get your business in front of its 416 million + monthly active users, says Pinterest queen Rachel Waring

Here are her top tips for showcasing your business on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest promotes positivity.Content that upholds this standard of positivity is much more likely to fly on Pinterest, so it’s something to consider when creating for your brand.”
  • Take advantage of the Today Tab.Pinterest are always looking to curate and promote inspiring content. The Today Tab is a set of curated content picked by the Pinterest team, and is updated daily. It focuses on trending topics, seasonal moments and high-quality pins that they feel will be relevant to their audience.”
  • Consider using Shopping Pins. “85% of pinners have bought something based on content they’ve seen from brands, and 25% of time spent on Pinterest is active shopping, which is higher than any other social media platform.”
  • Create to inspire.Pinterest is a place where people search for inspiration on life’s meaningful moments, which of course makes it a no brainer for wedding businesses. According to Pinterest’s 2021 moments planner, searches for weddings are happening all year.”

Cheatsheet infographic of wedding industry social media tips

Want all the top social media tips and more?

We’ve teamed up with Tailwind who’ve created this fantastic cheatsheet infographic with their edit of the top social media tips and need-to-know wedding trends for 2021.

Read their post on ‘The Hottest Wedding Industry Social Media Tips & Trends in 2021’ and download the infographic here so you can keep referring back as you implement your 2021 social media strategy!

social media trends

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