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Wedding Trend Report Live is a 24 Hour Live Summit that will help Wedding Pros around the world make a come back in 2021 by using the latest marketing trends to grow their business and book more clients.

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of resources meant to make your life as a speaker as easy as possible and answer any questions you might have. If you run into a question I haven’t answered here, email our team on [email protected]

A 24-Hour Live Online Summit is a first for the wedding industry and I’m so excited to make a little bit of virtual history together.

Wedding Trend Report live

Let’s Make Wedding Industry History Together…

Let’s Make Wedding Industry History Together…

How it will work...

Let’s do a quick rundown of how the whole thing will work.

The Live Summit will run for 24 consecutive hours starting at 9am on Friday 15th of January. All times quoted are GMT.

Along with the live presentations, there will be a Facebook Group for attendees to hang out in, hold each other accountable, and ask all of us additional questions. If attendees have good questions while your presentation is going on, you’ll be able to go live in the Facebook group for a bit of an encore to answer those questions, connect with the attendees, and provide even more value if you wish too. The additional Facebook live is not required.

Leading up to the summit we’ll have two weeks of promotion. You’ll be provided with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy!

During the promotion phase, as the summit is running, and for a week after the summit is complete, we’ll also be promoting our All-Access Pass. This includes lifetime access to all the replays and exclusive bonuses and discounts provided by the Academy Team and of course our fabulous speakers.

This will provide immense value to our attendees, while making the work of promoting and creating a presentation worthwhile by allowing you to bring in affiliate commissions.

What I need from you…

What I need from you...

My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value, growing our businesses and making some virtual wedding industry history.

The first thing I’ll need is some very basic information from you so I can finish up our Summit Registration page and Speakers page. If you’ve already contributed to the Trend Report, we will not need this information from you.

This information includes things like:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Bio
  • Square headshot

Please submit your information by clicking on the button below.

The Presentations & Content

We’ve broken the 24 hours up into 8 sessions that are mainly 3 hours in length with a couple of odd ones thrown in for good measure to account for timezones.

Each session will have a session host to keep things moving. They will introduce our speakers and keep our audience engaged. Think of them as your own personal Oprah!

The content has been broken down into 4 content types and these are as follows:

What is an All-Access Pass?

All Wedding Trend Report Live registrants can attend the virtual summit for FREE. As you know we’ll be streaming 24 consecutive hours of great educational content and giving attendees access to 30 wedding & marketing experts during this time.

Upon registration attendees have the option to buy an All-Access Pass. This will give them lifetime access to the content after the summit has ended. This content is hosted on our educational platform.

On top of the content they’ll also receive extra bonuses from the Wedding Academy Team and our speakers that add huge value to the All-Access Pass.

What's in it for you?

This is your opportunity to earn a 40% commission (50% if you’re providing a bonus for the All-Access Pass) on all registrants who purchase an All-Access Pass from your affiliate link.

We provide you with a unique link to share with your audience. This link leads directly to the summit registration page. Our affiliate software tracks all visitors using cookies and pays out accordingly.

It’s a great way of getting some great revenue for being a part of the summit.

What else do we need?


The ALL-ACCESS PASS will be a huge addition to the Live Summit. To make it even more valuable I’d love you to provide one resource we can include. This can be anything of value but would usually be things like:

  • eBooks
  • Workbooks
  • Courses (big or small)
  • 1-month memberships
  • Freebies

Anyone who does contribute a premium resource (aka not something you’re giving away for free somewhere else) will get a 50% affiliate commission on sales, rather than 40%.

Information for these resources is due on January 2nd. You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out closer to that time to make passing the information to us nice and simple.


The power of an online summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Because of that, everyone is encouraged to share on social media and to email their lists during the promotion period, starting on January 2nd, 2021.

You’ll want to share using your affiliate link (which is covered in the next section) so you can get in on the 40% commission that will come from any ALL-ACCESS PASS sales (50% if you’ve contributed a premium bonus).

You’ll find swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault by clicking the button below.

It’s time to light a fire under the wedding industry…

It’s time to light a fire under the wedding industry…

Affiliate Details

While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, we all want to make a little extra income from our hard work.

That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the ALL-ACCESS PASS where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to Wedding Trend Report Live. Payouts will be made by January 25th.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 40% for all speakers
  • 50% for all speakers who include a premium bonus for the ALL-ACCESS PASS

The pricing structure will be:

  • $47 for 20 minutes after initial registration
  • $67 from the end of that 20-minute promo through January 14th, 2020 (day before the summit begins).
  • $97 from 15th-16th of January (live summit)
  • $137 from January 17th until cart closes on January 22nd.

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook ads.

Just remember to use your affiliate link whenever you mention Wedding Trend Report Live.

We use Thrivecart as our Affiliate Software and you can apply for your affiliate account using the button below.

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

Key dates

  • Basic Information: As soon as possible
  • Presentation slot confirmed: As soon as possible
  • ALL-ACCESS PASS contribution information: January 2nd, 2021
  • Promotion period: 2nd – 14th of January, 2021
  • Summit dates: 24 hours between 15th – 16th of January, 2021
  • ALL-ACCESS PASS cart closes: January 22nd, 2021
  • Affiliate payouts: by January 25th, 2021

Resources Folder

  • Summit branding information (in case you’d like to show off that you’ve been featured on your website)
  • To do list with due dates so you can keep track of everything nice and easily
  • Email swipe copy and suggested send dates
  • Social media swipe copy and suggestion posting dates
  • Social media graphics
  • Workbook template (you’re free to create your own branded workbook)


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The Wedding Academy | Become a Wedding Planner