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November is all about our students and helping them to take those first tentative steps in launching their new business and we asked them to tell us what some of their biggest fears were. One of the biggest fears was the fear of failure itself so we asked our Advisory Board member, Elizabeth from Bridal Musings, what advice she could give our students on overcoming the fear of failure?

“I can absolutely relate to that crippling fear of failure. It took me six months and about 100 revisions to pen my first blog post as I was so nervous about ‘officially’ starting my blog. Which, in hindsight, seems utterly ridiculous because only my mum and husband actually read it (and sporadically, at that!) in those first few months. It was my entrepreneurial and inspirational husband, Zee, who encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and start Bridal Musings. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be a stressed out teacher dreaming of weddings in my spare time. Now that is a scary thought.

My husband is a self starter who’s not afraid to try out new ideas – some have worked and some haven’t. He hails from the tech start up world where failure is par for the course. We spent a fascinating six months living in San Francisco aka Silicon Valley aka the land of ‘the pivot’ – that is where a business idea bombs and the company assesses what went wrong and adapts or completely changes the idea. It’s not seen as a failure but a challenge. We went to tech ‘Meet Ups’ where entrepreneurs were actively encouraged to share their failures (as opposed to their successes) as these were believed to be far more valuable for growth. It was really refreshing and it made me realise that every single business owner has to expect setbacks along the way – mini failures (or even complete, got-to-start-all-over-again failures) but they will make you (and your business) stronger in the long term.

My advice is to weigh up which is scarier to you – trying your very best doing something you love and failing or not trying at all, walking away from your dream and always wondering ‘what if’?”

Thank you Elizabeth. What great advice and what a fantastic way to look at things that don’t go the way we expect them to. Every failure is a chance to improve and really refine your product or service. To find out more about Elizabeth you can follow her on social media:

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