Bridgette Gipson

Job Title:

Event Designer


United States

How do you inspire the wedding industry?

I’m a certified Event Designer with a knack for creating perfect and unique events. I enjoy weaving a cohesive theme from start to finish for weddings, anniversaries, dinner parties, cocktail hours, children’s parties, and birthdays. If it’s an event, I can decorate it and delight your guests by incorporating your personal and meaningful elements into a truly one of a kind experience enjoyed by all and talked about for years to come.

Fun Facts About Bridgette:

I love to create unique and personalized events <- no surprise there.

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

I’m recently enrolled, but so far am enjoying the course. I LOVE the “Why” approach that ties into my passion for designing events rather than a list of tasks to complete…though there are plenty of those too

Bridgette’s Work:

Bridgette Gipson Work
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