Catherine Ledger

Job Title:

Wedding Stylist



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

I believe we can look after the planet by making a series of small, everyday changes, rather than enormously drastic lifestyle overhauls. I’ll work closely with you to find thoughtful, eco-friendly alternatives to your décor ideas that stay true to your personal style, and that are relevant and realistic for the life you lead. From an initial injection of inspiration and sourcing of kindred spirit suppliers, to a fuller design, and on-the-day styling service, I’ll help you create a wedding that’s as green as it is gorgeous.

Fast forward 18 months of design and development, I’ve created a digital wedding planning platform to helping couples around the world create their own wedding websites, send out digital stationery cards, and keep track of all your wedding to-do’s in one tidy place!

Five Fun Facts About Catherine:

  1. It’s my mission to show couples how to create an authentic celebration that values sustainability as well as style
  2. I’ve worked in events for over a decade, from running a wedding venue, to creating spectacular lightshows to organising a special commemorative service at Westminster Abbey.
  3. I’m always learning, and am something of a collector of new and eclectic skills!
  4. I’m most fulfilled by encouraging people to break away from ‘the done thing’ and follow their hearts.
  5. I have a gentle, not judgemental approach to creating environmentally and socially conscious weddings. Working with me is intensely creative, and it’s also a whole lot of fun – I promise!

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

Joining the Academy has given me confidence in my abilities and taught me some new tips and tricks along the way! It has been great to learn from the tutors who have the lived experience, running their own successful wedding businesses alongside teaching. The community of fellow students is so supportive and it’s lovely to see everyone’s businesses flourishing..

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