Fran Sultana Hillyer

Job Title:

Wedding Stylist



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

We offer distinctive and unique decor and props for Weddings which is mainly designed and made in-house for both our local and foreign couples. We also offer Venue Styling assistance and work hand in hand with our clients and also Wedding planners. By offering a one-stop shop and having a good team onboard we are able to assist with the complete venue setup which includes lighting, bandstage setups, bar setups, tablescapes, floral design, rentals of various decor and props.

Fun Facts About Fran:

I love wine & chocolates but hate Citrus with a passion. I enjoy being around positive people and love to create designs and crafts during my free time.

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

Having already established our business back in 2018 with renting props and decor for Weddings and Events I always felt I could do more especially with finding the confidence to meet our clients and help plan and design their big day. With two kids and plenty of emails and paperwork to go through daily there never seemed to be enough time until Covid’19 suddenly hit us.

After doing some research and also through referral I found the Wedding Academy website. The Wedding Styling course was just what I was after to complete the missing piece of the puzzle. This course has been a great asset for our company and also for myself since now with the additional knowledge and expertise I am also able to work as a Freelance Venue Stylist and feel confident to discuss and design ideas with my future clients.

Fran’s Work:

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