Jessica Fasciano

Job Title:

Wedding Planner and Stylist



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

My vision is connecting Italian and English brides and grooms to be with the English and Italian venues, in order to get each other know a magical atmosphere that they will save in their life-lasting memories – all this with a touch of unconventional and edgy in order to have a self taylored and customised event. Can’t wait to start to work on that!

Five Fun Facts About Jessica:

  1. Music is always playing during my days – and I love to dance with my kids too!
  2. I used to plan my parents’ Valentine’s day dinner since a kid!
  3. I am Italian but I am a very bad cook – however I know lot of places where your mouth could be watering 😉
  4. I love to recreate on a table something it inspired me (it could be anything, from a movie to a mag blog)
  5. I love to be as edgy as I can, going beyond the rules to express myself

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

I am very thankful for the big opportunity given me from the Wedding Academy – it has been the beginning of a dream realisation! I got loads in term of content and moreover the Facebook group is like a business family, a daily help and inspiration!!

Jessica’s Work:

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