Kim Hyndes

Job Title:

Wedding & Event Planner



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

Hi I’m Kim & I’m a UK Accredited Wedding & Event Planner and Designer.

I am also one of those 1 in 4 who have a mental health struggle. Now, I have always loved & been intrigued by the logistics, creativity & shear hard work that goes into events of all kinds. However it wasn’t until during my studies that I started to combine mental health with event planning, despite being a sufferer for many years, it wasn’t something I’d considered combining before.
Planning an event, especially a wedding, is a daunting, anxiety inducing prospect for many people, let alone those who already have added struggles, such as mental health. This is how Keep It Memorable was born. Born from a sufferer who wants to be able to provide an understanding ear, a helping hand & a safe place for those planning their special events.
I currently work with English Heritage as an historic property steward within the hospitality sector: so I work everything from conferences to weddings and evening filming! This is something I truly enjoy & is fantastic on ground experience. I don’t intend on leaving any time soon as I truly love it where I am, so will be doing my own business alongside.
I was hoping to do a gentle start this year as I’m a newbie, however with the current global situation I’ve put that on hold.

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my time at the academy. I had a tough time health wise and life wise during my studies but the academy were so supportive! It took me a little longer to complete my qualification then I had hoped but I gave it my everything & truly discovered a talent and passion.

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