Nicki Taeymans

Job Title:

Wedding and Event Planner


Switzerland & Netherlands

How do you inspire the wedding industry?

Hi there, do you and your future spouse have different cultural backgrounds? Do you maybe live in a different country than all your family and friends? Do you dream of a destination wedding? Then we are happy to help you organize a stress-free, unique and personalized wedding!

Five Fun Facts About Nicki:

  1. We speak 5 languages (spanish, french, english, dutch & german)
  2. We specialize in expats and international couples
  3. We love organizing destination weddings
  4. We care deeply about the uniqueness of your wedding
  5. We work (almost) everywhere in Europe

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

Very intensive, broad and interesting study! I learned a lot of new things but it also helped me structure all the knowledge I had gained through pratical experience!

Souvenir Weddings and Events
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