Sara Bertie

Job Title:

Wedding Planner & Stylist



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

I believe that every couple needs a wedding bestie. A friend to hold your hand as you navigate the roller coaster that is wedding planning. Someone to celebrate the highs with you and to be the listening ear for the lows. I offer a range of services for the couple wanting a rustic romance wedding. Full wedding planning; I will hold your hand for the entire process. Partial planning; I will be beside you for as much as you want me to be and hold your hand for the trickier moments. And lastly on the day coordination; I will be your right hand to make sure your dream day goes off without a hitch!

And if you’re wondering what a rustic romance wedding looks like…if you’re thinking a barn venue with fairy lights, candles and lots of natural flowers and foliage with a chilled out vibe then you are on the right track

Five Fun Facts About Sara:

  1. My obsession with weddings started when I was 7 and first watched Father of the Bride.
  2. I love being surrounded by nature, whether it’s the beach in summer or the woods in autumn. The change in seasons still fascinates me.
  3. My perfect evening is to be at home with friends, with a table full of grazing food and drinks. Good friends + good food + good drinks = good times.
  4. My favourite city is Paris. I love the Parisian way of watching the world go by. I love to flaneur!
  5. Cake is life! In fact dessert is always a yes! A dessert buffet is my idea of heaven!

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

After 10 years of suffering the what if’s and denying my dream of having a wedding planning and styling business, the Wedding Academy found me just as I found the conviction to pursue my dream.

I knew how to plan and execute weddings, but I didn’t know how to start or how to run a business. I knew that the Wedding Academy was the course I needed to make my dream a reality. The Academy taught me what I needed to know and helped me carve out my business. The support of the mentors is great but the community of like minded students made it even better. If you have ever dreamt about being a part of the wedding industry in any way, then the Wedding Academy is the place you need to be to pursue your dream.

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