Shauner Waddington

Job Title:

Wedding Stylist and Floral Designer



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

Wow and Vow is a UK based wedding design, floral design and website design business that gives loving couples an extra pair of hands when they need it most.

We empower you to build on your ideas, encapsulate your vision and surpass the ordinary by bringing your love story to life in uniquely memorable ways. We create sentiments of love that feel like you by carefully choreographing every element of your wedding aesthetic to create a heart-stoppingly, meaningful and everlasting experience.

Wherever in the UK you choose to unite in matrimony, from the grandest venues to the most intimate settings, Wow and Vow will weave their magic to create the most enchanting experience for you and your guests.

Five Fun Facts About Shauner:

  1. I’m a wear my heart on my sleeve kind of person.
  2. I’m a perfectionist and I’m the happiest when I’m immersed in a project.
  3. I walk for miles, wherever the path takes me- I find the outdoors enthralling which is wonderful when I’m foraging.
  4. Drinking fizz and I love to drink it out of any kind of beautiful glass.
  5. Living for, and in the moment. As a result, I rarely take pictures.

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

The Wedding Academy taught me many things: professionalism, integrity and unity required in the Wedding Industry whilst also ensuring that I have been equipped with all the fundamental skills needed to be a wedding specialist.

Shauner’s Work:

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