Tracy Yates

Job Title:

Wedding and Event Planner



How do you inspire the wedding industry?

Twelv. Events Alliance involves me being your guide through the sometimes confusing and frustrating world of weddings. Together we’ll plan and design a day which is aligned to your values, style and personality so that the day is truly yours. I’ll take away the hard work, leaving you with the fun bits and the beautiful memories. All along your planning journey I will be with you providing emotional coaching and ongoing support to relieve any anxieties that may pop up along the way. Ensuring that when your day arrives everything runs smoothly allowing you to relax, have fun and enjoy your day.

Five Fun Facts About Tracy:

  1. I love to jump out of aeroplanes
  2. I was supposed to be getting in married 2020, however it is now going to be 2021, nothing to do with Covid-19 though
  3. I love all animals, especially dogs
  4. I am learning French in preparation for going watching Green Day/ Fall Out Boy/ Wheezer in Paris later in the year (hopefully)
  5. Everyone who comes anywhere near me (even the postie knows) learns of my Friday night bath. It is THE thing that keeps me going through any nonsense during the week. It involves 2 hours of nuclear hot water, lots of foamy bubbles, candles, a good book and one or two (maybe 3) glasses of Prosecco. It used to also include chocolate until I found out how much weight I was putting on so I had to choose between chocolate or Prosecco…. a no brainer for me ????????

Your Journey with the Wedding Academy:

Even before enrolment I received so much support from Kylie and her team. Once I became a member of the Academy the advice, mentorship and support from my fellow students blew me away. The Academy is not just a learning platform, although it is a detailed well-planned program of work, it is much more than that. Kylie and the mentors are constantly giving training and tutorials, forever encouraging us to ask questions and develop our services. I have never experienced such a warm and inviting community of people which I am very proud to be part of.

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