Study Tips for Academy of Wedding & Event Planning Students

Being a student of the Australian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning means studying online via our virtual campus.  Studying online provides great flexibility and means you can pursue your dreams regardless of where you are located or what time you have available to study.  But it also means you are going to have to be disciplined and motivate yourself.  Now that might sound a bit scary, but if you have plans to work in the wedding and event industry, you better know how to motivate and discipline yourself, as there won’t always be someone there to push you to get things done.  So online study can be a great way to develop some useful skills for the future too.
But you are not alone as an online learner here at the Academy.  We do offer our students a lot of resources and support (including a personal Tutor) and today we also have 2 very simple tips for you to help you develop good online study habits. The tips are really very simple; 1. Free yourself from distractions and 2. Develop a schedule and stick to it.
How you approach each of these things is going to be different for everyone.  Some people can sit on a busy train and study, oblivious to everything else around them.  Others will find that their concentration wanders with each passing of passengers.  Some of us can have our phone sitting on the desk beside us all day and not touch it unless it rings.  Others cannot resist the temptation to check Facebook, Pinterest or messages.  So as you think about how you free yourself from distractions, try to identify what is distracting to you and work back from that point.
When it comes to developing a schedule, this will also vary for everyone.  Many of us don’t have schedules that repeat each week.  I know I don’t. Every week is different, but I generally do know the layout of my weekend on a Sunday, so this is when I write up a weekly schedule.  If you are the same, this could be when you look at your week and make those study appointments with yourself.  If your life is more settled and you know that you have every Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon free, cross out those times in your diary, or block them off on your calendar to make it clear to YOU and anyone else you share your schedule with, that that time is taken.
But developing good study habits, whether you are studying online or otherwise comes down to something more basic than either of these things.  It comes down to giving it priority in your life.  This period of time when you are studying won’t last forever but it can lead to amazing places, which makes whatever you have to do to make it work, worthwhile.

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