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Successful Business Habits for Wedding Pros

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Last night our topic for #WedBizHour was the habits of successful business people. We all love to know the secrets of those we aspire to be like. We all want to reach their dizzy heights of success. In all honesty thought many of the habits aren’t groundbreaking they are just sensible. The fact they are habits says it all. These people are disciplined and are able to prioritise what’s important and they have a schedule that helps them achieve what they need to each day.

Below I have listed some of my top tips for being a successful business person and many of these are things I do on a daily basis and swear by them. Whether they will work for you or not depends on your circumstances, but for more of these types of tips you can check out the full transcript from the Twitter Chat here…

  • To be successful in business you need both long & short term goals. And a good understanding of what you want to achieve.
  • Once you know your goals you need a blueprint for how you’re going to get there. Make your goals more than just a dream.
  • Break down your plan into small pieces & set small daily goals. A daily To Do List will keep you on track & help you to succeed.
  • Time management is a big key to being successful. This Academy TV video is full of top tips. https://youtu.be/ofyWpTnGezo
  • You need to be mentally & physically fit. Cut out the junk food & exercise regularly as it helps you to focus & achieve.
  • Having a positive mental attitude is a HUGE component of success. Thinking positively is stimulating.
  • Know when to take time out to avoid burnout. Nobody is productive when they’re tired & mistakes are made.
  • Never live by someone else’s rules. Know why you do things & make them count. Only do things because you have a reason to.
  • Set some boundaries around your work life & remember to live outside of work. Work to live not the other way around.
  • Work on being assertive. Be confident in who you are & what you’ve achieved. Never apologise for who you are or over-explain.
  • Never be frightened to experiment. Keep things fresh & try new things. Anything is possible if you just try.
  • Top tips for business success. Rise early. Exercise in the morning. Live by a daily to-do list. Tie up loose ends in the evening.

Next week we will be chatting about how to know and understand your client so make sure you join us on Tuesday evening 8-9pm GMT.

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