Table Styling

Table Styling 101 for Newbies

If you are a wedding or event planner new to the art of table styling, you may wonder what exactly goes into the polished creations you see on Instagram, Pinterest and on your favorite blogs. While every tabletop is different, they generally share the basic elements and steps of design. These are our top tips for Table Styling 101.

Client Input

First, you need to know what look and feel your clients are trying to achieve and what budget they have to work with. The funds allocated for rentals are critical, and sometimes misunderstood, so it’s good to get in touch with your rental supplier early in case adjustments need to be made. When you first reach out, make sure to have the essential information handy, including the event venue, dates, times, guest estimates and names of any other vendors who will be involved.

Styling Necessities

When budget is no issue, we recommend a premium linen, upgraded chair, a charger, china, glassware and flatware for every place setting. If funds are limited, the most impactful investment is a nice linen. It not only changes the tabletop, but the entire space. Pairing a great chair with the right linen also has a dramatic effect, so that would be the next rental to consider. A charger is purely decorative, but it really polishes a place setting.
Need inspiration? Look beyond the event industry to fashion and home décor. Both provide glimpses into the hottest trends and regularly contribute to event design.


Many wedding and event clients have little-to-no experience styling tables for a large number of guests, so it can be difficult to explain the impact on the budget versus the transformative effect on a room or space. You will need to help your clients visualize the final outcome. It can help to bring sketches, photos of past events, swatches and samples for those who have trouble grasping your design ideas.
Table styling is one of the most important design functions when planning an event, so invest some extra time honing your skills as you prepare to create exquisite celebrations.

Heather Rouffe is the Director of Sales and Partner of Atlas Event Rental, a full-service event rental industry serving the Southern Florida market for over 30 years based. Recently named one of the top 30 rental companies in the US by Special Events Magazine, Atlas provides top quality merchandise and unparalleled customer service to each and every customer.

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