Bonita Carr

If I were a wedding I would be a multicultural destination wedding. Why? I have had the privilege of living in various places with some amazing friends who have all invited me to their weddings in some far flung places. Destination weddings satisfies my wanderlust and helps me connect with people who I enjoy spending time with and celebrating a special occasion in exotic locations.

I came into the wedding industry via my background in marketing and media sales and honestly I have never looked back. Moving from a bridal media owner selling advertising space on their website to joining the Wedding Academy and helping the next generation of wedding planners join our fantastic industry has been amazing. It’s been great to be a part of the wedding industry in Dubai, the community has grown and I have had the privilege of attending various conferences in and around the GCC and Europe as well as speaking and organising industry events and parties together with industry associations such as ILEA (International Live Events Association)

I love helping to connect people who go on to create amazing things together. It’s not about growing the industry for me but about helping people realize their full potential to live their dreams and become successful wedding business entrepreneurs.

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