Lisa Macale

I’m Lisa,

I grew up in a small city in New Zealand called Nelson. I moved to Brisbane in 2008 and spent most of my 20’s perusing various careers trying to find just the think that I felt passionate about.

I knew from an early age that I was always going to start my own business one day. That was always my goal, I dreamed of having a career that supported my work life balance and allowed me to work flexible hours from home.

After moving to Australia I spent years studying everything from Business Management, Human Resources and Accounting. I worked in various corporate positions and never really felt satisfied with trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Everything changed for me in 2011 after I got engaged. I absolutely (like a lot of us!) fell in love with everything weddings! I felt like I had found something that I needed to pursue as a career. The whole wedding planning process brought me so much enjoyment. As a naturally organised person I knew my previous experience and skills would align perfectly with the change in career.

I signed up for a course with The Wedding Academy a few months before I got married in 2012. I knew straight away that I was on the right path. The months I spent completing the course and putting together a business plan for my own wedding planning business brought me so much fulfilment.

By the age of 24 I had my own business in Brisbane specialising in Wedding Styling and Planning. My business went on to achieve every goal I set for it, even the ones I felt that were never going to be achievable. I poured my heart and soul (as well as finances!) into growing my little business and I feel so proud of everything I achieved during the 4 years I owned it. Of course I made mistakes along the way and often spent way too much money on unnecessary things but I learnt so many valuable lessons that have allowed me now to go on to start other businesses in the industry.

After selling my business and having my son Lincoln, I moved back to New Zealand in 2018. I have worked for the Wedding Academy for over 4 years now and have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with other students as they work towards starting their own businesses in this exciting industry! I also currently own a Social Media Management business called Socialised, where I look after a variety of clients predominately across the Wedding and Events Industry.

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