Zoe McKeown

I have just celebrated 10 years of my wedding planning business and looking forward to 10 more. It has flown by and I attribute that to the lifestyle it has given me and the fact that it does not feel like work.

A decade ago my life was very different, I was a secondary school teacher working long hours and having no freedom in my job. So rather than doing it till I retired I thought I should follow my heart and started setting up my own wedding planning business, so I have been where you are and remember it well.

I loved planning my own wedding (secret – not everybody does you know) and felt that I had more skills to offer and wanted to explore a new path. Might have been the hormones as I was on maternity leave with my third daughter, but whatever spurred me on I have never regretted it.

A short while into that journey I started working with the academy mentoring students alongside planning weddings and I have done the 2 side by side ever since. I am very lucky to have found a career that combines my 2 strengths and passions – teaching and weddings. Although I am not a great believer in luck, it was not an accident that this happened I take full responsibility for it and love sharing what I have learnt along the way with fellow wedding business enthusiasts.

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