The Difference Between a Wedding Stylist and a Floral Designer

Recently one of my students asked me this question; what is the difference between a Floral Designer and a Stylist?  This is a commonly asked question, by both students and people considering which area of the wedding industry they wish to work in.  It is also a matter of some discussion in the industry at the moment, as many people who are entering the industry as Stylists, are offering some floral design services.  Exploring the pros and cons of that approach for a Stylist are a subject for another blog post, but I think today’s post will certainly help anyone considering the two roles and how they fit into a wedding, to understand them better.  Addressing the topic for us is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced Wedding Producers and Stylists, Cathrin D’Entremont  of Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings.  Cathrin is also an AAWEP Advisory Board member.
Cathrin:  A Florist has a huge role in a wedding. Starting with the bridal party, to the ceremony and onto the reception, floral arrangements bring the event to life. However it is the Stylist who will present the Florist with a concept design.  The Stylist will have already visited the ceremony and reception area and knows what has to be done to transform the available space.  Styling a wedding and finding the right tone and style reflecting the couple is a long process. The Stylist is working closely for months with the couple, before a vision of the day will emerge.  With the aid of style boards, (thank you for the wonderful world of Pinterest), not only can the couple see what their wedding might look like, but the Florist can add their personal touches.  The Stylist will create floor plans, which will help the Florist to calculate  how much is needed and understands the layout of the room and what has been planned.  The Florist on the other hand knows which flowers will complement everything, which flowers are in season, which vessel to add the flowers into etc.
The Stylist and the Florist work closely and hand in hand. Because of this, I have found that it is so much better to know your Florist and have a good relationship with them so that the end result can be the best it can be.  A Florist and Stylist bounce off each other and often have great fun transforming the most difficult spaces into spaces with ‘WOW’ factor.  At every wedding or event, team work is vital with good communication – add a dash of humour and it is the most satisfying experience for all involved.
I think Cathrin’s explanation spells out very clearly what the difference between the two roles is.  A Florist is a specialist in the area of ‘flowers’.  A Stylist is concerned with transforming the overall space for the wedding and reception. They develop the concept and communicate this along with logistics to specialists like Floral Designers.  The roles are separate, but complimentary.
Image Credit:  Wedding Design; CD Weddings / Photographer; Ben Yew

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