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The Difference Between a Wedding Stylist and a Floral Designer

What is the difference between a Floral Designer and a Stylist?

This is a question we often hear from those entering the wedding industry. It’s also a hot topic of conversation at the moment, as many people who are entering the industry as Stylists, are offering some floral design services.

A Floral Designer has a huge role in a wedding.

Starting with the bridal party, to the ceremony and onto the reception, floral arrangements bring the wedding to life.

However it’s the Stylist who’ll present the Floral Designer with a concept design.

The Stylist will have already visited the ceremony and reception area and knows what has to be done to transform the available space.

Styling a wedding and finding the right tone and style reflecting the couple is a long process. The Stylist is working closely for months with the couple, before a vision of the day will emerge.

Floral Design or Wedding Styling

With the aid of style boards, (thank you Pinterest), not only can the couple see what their wedding might look like, but the Floral Designer can add their personal touches.

The Stylist will create floor plans, which will help the Floral Designer to calculate  how much is needed, understand the layout of the room and what’s been planned.

The Floral Designer on the other hand knows which flowers will work, what’s in season, and which vessel to add the flowers into etc.

What does a Floral Designer do?

The Stylist and the Floral Designer work closely and hand in hand. As a Stylist or Planner you want to make sure you hvae a great relationship with your Floral Designer.  Together they have great fun transforming the most difficult spaces into spaces with ‘WOW’ factor.

At every wedding or event, team work is vital with good communication – add a dash of humour and it is the most satisfying experience for all involved.

So to sum it up…

A Floral Designer is a specialist in the area of ‘flowers’.  A Stylist has the eye for aesthetics and transforms the overall space. The roles are separate, but complimentary.

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