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The Finalists of the Pantone Competition Are?

The colour authority Pantone recently announced their colours for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Ten colours feature as part of the collection so we set our students a challenge to design boards for each colour, and what an amazing job they have done.

Today the team at Academy HQ had the difficult task of selecting just 3 finalists for each colour, and I can tell you it was not easy. I must have changed my mind about ten times as they were all so good. Below you will see the finalists for each colour along with the boards they have designed. We are now passing the final judging over to the fabulous team at Aisle Planner who are our course partners and offer a 3 month student license to Academy students.

We will be announcing the winner of each colour at the end of the week so stay tuned…

  • Niagra Finalists – Martha Alice Tobyn, Salma Farouk‎, Shelby Howard‎
  • Primrose Yellow Finalists – Jennifer Bensley, Lauren Strachan, Shelby Howard
  • Hazelnut Finalists – Claudia Marsh, Diána Vígh‎, Erika
  • Greenery Finalists – Georgina van der Vorst, Josephine Mulle Schønwald, Nicola Jackson
  • Flame Finalists – Florie Jobez, Salma Farouk‎, Bree-anna Brunjes
  • Kale Finalists – Hannah Oliver, Jennifer Bensley‎, Liz Robson
  • Pink Yarrow Finalists – Emily Lancaster, Rehab Adel Moustafa, Monica Naclerio‎
  • Pale Dogwood Finalists – Marie Alsleben, Louise Venables, Josephine Mulle Schønwald‎
  • Island Paradise Finalists – Marie Alsleben‎, Vany Cittadini‎, Jacqueline Liistro‎
  • Lapis Blue Finalists – Josephine Mulle Schønwald, Lauren Strachan, Bec Minns

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