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The Wedding Business Magazine – April 2019

I hope you’re ready to be inspired because this issue of the Wedding Business Magazine is all about building your confidence in business and it is packed full of fantastic articles, tips and advice.

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In case you missed our last issue from February 2019 you can check that out right here. Each issue is packed full of great articles, advice and interviews to help you run a better wedding business.
Confidence is the key to having a successful wedding business.
In the immortal words of Julie Andrews “I have confidence in sunshine. I have confidence in rain. I have confidence that spring will come again. Besides which you see I have confidence in me.”
I loved this film when I was a kid and I still do, but one of the reasons this film was so popular was because of all the messages within it. This particular message is one that has stuck with me throughout my life.
If you have confidence in yourself everyone else will have confidence in you too.

Time to take a look at what’s in this issue of the Wedding Business Magazine.

Our feature interview is with Julie Mead, Vice President of B2B Marketing of The Knot Worldwide. Just last month, The Knot and WeddingWire unveiled The Knot Worldwide as its new company name. In this issue, Julie shares more about this change, as well as her top advice for gaining and maintaining business confidence as a wedding professional.
Our Spanish Academy Mentor, Laura Perez, sat down to talk to Martín Berasategui, world-renowned chef, who boasts the most Michelin stars in Spain. He revealed that one of the keys to his succcess is the confidence he has in himself and in every single one of his team members.
This one quote from our interview with Danielle Rothweiler owner of Rothweiler Event Design sums it all up perfectly for me.
Don’t compare your business to anyone else’s in the industry. You have no idea where they came from or how they got what they have.
Our Trend Influencer for this issue is Efi Green owner of Yes Studio Bridal and she talks to us about finding confidence in the wedding fashion industry.

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Margaux Fraise is the owner and creative director of Harmony Creative Studio and she has an inspiring story. After battling stage 4 breast cancer, Fraise began rebuilding her confidence, and she shares how others can do so after unexpected challenges.
Jobelia Christy Josephine is the founder & owner of Luxeova Atelier and she’s stopped by to give us 7 top tips to help you boost your business confidence.
Speaker, Trainer and Coach Rachel Sheerin has made it her life’s mission to help people sell more and be happy. With a background in the events industry, Rachel knows all too well how confidence plays into sales so for this issue, she digs into this while also speaking to best practices for self-care and avoiding burnout.
Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting is back with her WEDPR column talking about building your confidence as a speaker. In her WEDx column Tracy Butterfield says that confidence is contagious, try it!
Alex Tooby’s WEDINSTA column gives us 7 things you can implement to avoid the path of uncertainty and start feeling confident in your business today.
Meryl Snow is showing us how to be confident in our sales game in her #WEDSALES column.

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I’m loving this quote from Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros in her column #WEDBIZCOACH Confidence comes from being able to say: “I survived that. And, I will survive this too!?”
Jen Froze of Jack Daw Editorial who heads up our #WEDCOPY column is treating us with a great article titled ‘From Intimidated to Instinctive: Top Tips To Build Confidence With Copywriting’
Ashley Malone is back with #WEDBRAND with a great article showing us how we can all sprinkle a little Marie Kondo into our wedding business.
Kate Cullen is back with #WEDPIN and the perfect article for those of you looking to get booked using Pinterest.
Our CEO, Kylie Carlson, talks about thinking of confidence more as a business strategy and then gives us 7 steps to making that happen.
Christine Osborne of Mountainside Media is our marketing guru who heads up our #WEDSOCIAL column with a great article in this issue called ‘The Secret Weapon to Building Confidence in Your Facebook Marketing Strategies.’
Email marketing isn’t going anywhere as our #WEDMAIL columnist Cristina Barragan will tell you and in this issue she tackles the subject of confidence in your email marketing strategy.
Finally, Sandy Hammer with AllSeated on #WEDTECH talks to us about how tech can help us to build confidence with your clients.

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The gorgeous images seen throughout this issue were part of a modern and rustic romance styled shoot with the following talented team of vendors:

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