The Wedding Business Magazine – August 2019

The Wedding Business Magazine August 2019 issue is now out and with a brand new look. This issue is all about diversifying revenue streams and looking at other ways to earn income from what you do as a Wedding CEO.

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It’s been a massive three months for us here at Wedding Academy HQ as we’ve just had a complete rebrand with a new look, new name and new website. After 12 years as the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning we’ve rebranded to The Wedding Academy.
We’ve reduced the amount of courses we offer from seven to just one very focused and targeted course to help newbies launch a wedding business. We’ve gone from 6 regional websites down to one global site.
After this long in business this isn’t something you do lightly, but in order to have longevity in business you have to be prepared to continually reinvent yourself and move with the times.
I’ve often used Madonna as an example. Her career has spanned four decades, which is no mean feat in the pop industry, and the reason behind her success is her understanding of the fact that nobody in business can stand still or rest on their laurels.
Being at the top of your game like Madonna was in the 80s is incredibly hard to maintain. It’s easier to get to the top than it is to stay there.

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For us, things have changed in our industry as well. It’s been interesting to see the amount of people entering the educational sphere. Everyone is suddenly selling an online course and is an expert at what they do.
This has been a challenge for us. Like Madonna we’ve been top of our game for a long time. However, we love an opportunity to improve on what we do. So for us it was a natural time to evaluate what we offer and see how we could differentiate ourselves from the myriad of new training options in the wedding industry.
I think you’ll agree when you look at our new website that we’ve managed to achieve that. We’ve found our ‘blue ocean’ once again and are happily swimming in it on our own.
We’ve disrupted the wedding status quo and quite happily done the opposite of what our competitors are doing by saying, ‘we don’t sell wedding courses we launch successful wedding businesses’.
Stepping into the shoes of your ideal client and really analysing what they want from you is a very powerful thing to do. People don’t care about what you do they care about how what you do will benefit them. It’s never about you it’s always about them.
Enjoy this latest issue and I hope you love the new look and feel of the magazine as much as we do.

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