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The Wedding Business Magazine – July 2018

This issue is all about the elusive work, life, balance. Does it really exist? Is it a thing? I think what it actually comes down to is learning how to look after yourself and to be quite honest, I am still not that great at it. I’m always going 100 miles per hour and I have such a hard time giving others some responsibility, but I have got a lot better with being able to ask for help when I need it.
In order to take care of yourself, you need to be able to assign some responsibility to others, and know that it doesn’t make you look lazy or weak. Creating positive change is truly a team effort. The Academy wouldn’t be as successful as it has been without the help of my wonderful team and the people that I love who extend a helping hand when I need it.
I also believe in celebrating the small victories, going on bike rides in the French countryside where I live keeps me centred, a cheeky glass of bubbles on my roof terrace, pampering myself, weekend getaways, binge-watching Netflix shows like Peaky Blinders and Homeland are all great ways that I personally take care of myself.
I realise its not everyone’s cup of tea, but its mine and that’s what’s important, knowing and understanding how to take care of yourself. Giving yourself permission to just be is so important in this fast paced world that we live in.
The articles and interviews from our talented contributors and experts wll give you lots of tips, tricks and advice on making sure you take care of yourself through wedding season, so enjoy and remember to take some time out for you.

So What’s in this Issue?

Our feature interview for this issue of the magazine is none other than Natalie Franke, an educator, entrepreneur, and community builder. She leads the Rising Tide Society, which mobilizes tens of thousands of creatives every month in the spirit of community over competition. She prides herself on empowering creative entrepreneurs to rise together and do what they love. She spills the beans on the things she wishes she’d known before launching a business and also how she manages balance in her life.
We have a great interview with Nova Reid the founder of Nu Bride a multi- award-winning wedding blog. She is dedicated to showcasing inclusive diversity and race equality to the UK wedding industry. She has some great advice on how to prepare in the months leading up to silly season, aka wedding season.
One of our UK Advisory Board members, Louise Beukes of top wedding blog B.Loved stops by to give us her top self-care tips and advice on maintaining balance across different aspects of your business.
Clementine Ward is part of the husband-wife team behind AwardWeddings based in France, specializing in photography, film, planning, and decor talks about designing a work and lifestyle around their family in the south of France and the balancing act that sees everything seamlessly blend.
Eva Kaszycki is the owner of Foreva Events, an event planning company that specializes in wedding styling and event coordination and she has three top tips on growing your wedding business that have seen her business allow her to work with incredible clients that she chooses to work with.
Tifany Wunschl is the owner and lead designer of Gourmet Invitations chats about ‘self- care’ in times of crisis (business or personal) to st ay grounded after her own battle with depression.
Brittany Finkle is the founder of Happily Ever Borrowed who help women to rent their bridal accessories for their wedding day and talks to us about the struggles of holding down a fulltime job whilst managing a startup and the things she does to stay sane and shut off when needed.
Lindsay Tigar is a freelance lifestyle and travel journalist, as well as a self- proclaimed digital nomad and she tells us all about Remote Year and what its like to juggle a busy career wtih so much travel.
We also chat to Kristy Rice the head of Momental Designs, a luxury invitation design company that produces beautiful handmade wedding stationery and how Sylvia Weinstock inspired her to write a book. She is now on her 9th BTW.
We also have the lowdown on exactly what happened at Engage!18 – Canada hosted in Fairmont Banff Springs and the story of the launch of our Spanish speaking Academy, The Spanish Academy of Wedding and Event Planning
Hannah Chong also weighs in on life as a wedding planner. Hannah is Founder & Creative Director of Heaven’s Gift, a special events company specializing in luxury bespoke event experiences as well as the partner for the South East Asian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.
Our regular columns with Meghan Ely on WedPR, Kathy DalPra on WedSEO, Shannon DePalma on WedSocial, Heidi Thompson on WedPromo, Emma Etheridge on WedBiz, Kellie Daab on WedExpert, Lindsay Lucas on WedVenue, Tina Reading on WedDigital and Sam Lloyd on WedGuru, are also packed with great advice and tips as per usual.

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The beautiful images from this issue of the magazine were from a shoot called Tropical Love from a team of fabulous vendors in Tenerife:

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