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Tiktok for Wedding Pros

TikTok for Wedding Pros

TikTok for Wedding Pros but I’m callingit WedTok.

So, as you all know, I mention Pinterest in almost every single one of my blog posts. It the ultimate guide for inspiration for both newbies, and for the more experienced of us. However, something that I don’t think even gets half the recognition it deserves, is TikTok.

I see it as the video version of Pinterest! Especially for weddings. It completely incapsulates a full vision, the full image. It’s the perfect way to not only get inspiration for your own themes and plans, but to flaunt your OWN brand.

Think about it. Throughout lockdown we’ve been left with a lot of time on our hands. And it seemed that the world turned to TikTok to satisfy their (virtual) doses of entertainment.

Industries have been evolving through this video platform, and I myself have fallen in love with countless wedding TikToks from different planners, designers, florists and everything in between.

Introduce yourself, to WedTok.

  1. Dolce Couture Cakes – @dolcecouturecakes

If you’re absolutely obsessed with cakes (like me) this is account will not only inspire you with the latest cake trends, but it’ll also leave your mouth literally watering too – always a bonus. From lollipop mini cakes to 4 tiered masterpieces, this Florida based cake designer will fulfil all your needs.

Wish Upon Calligraphy @wishuponcalligraphy

Now, if its relaxingly satisfying calligraphy you’re after, then Wish Upon Calligraphy is your go to account. Just trust me on that. I could watch someone write names in one, fluid, effortless motion all day long. You’ll be hooked.

Calluna Events @callunaevents

If you’re missing that wedding vibe and want to feel like your smack bang in the middle of your dream wedding, then look no further. Calluna Events is the account to go to. Trust me when I say this, it completely threw me into a utter wedding frenzy. Whether its rustic wedding scenes that you’re after or if you’re more into the classic wedding looks, every one of Calluna Events’ TikToks completely engrosses me into a whole new wedding world.

J Starrs Flower Barn @Jstarrsflowerbarn

Flowers were something that I knew very little about when first joining the industry. I feel that there isn’t quite as much emphasis on this part of the learning process (which there absolutely should be!) However, this wedding florist makes putting together a bridal bouquet look like a piece of cake (from Dolce Couture Cakes) and shows each part of the process in such detail! And let me tell you, the end product, WOW!

Lamour Events Production @Lamourevent

Another one for “all-rounder” type content. Their latest video includes a wedding venue “glow up”. And glow up it was! Showing us exactly how to transform a space, no matter how far off a vision seems. From an empty greenhouse to an exquisite banquet hall. Lamour Events Production will satisfy every before and after, transformation need you may have!

So now it’s over to you. Are you ready to claim your own piece of WedTok real estate? I hope so because I’d love to be able to feature you in our next post.

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