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Tools for your Wedding Business

10 Must Have Tools for your Wedding Business

Time to talk about the ‘must have tools’ for your wedding business. We all love things that make our lives easier and in this digital age we live in there are so many great tools we can use to help us to do that.
When you’re running a wedding business your time is valuable and you want to be as productive as possible so today I’m sharing my Top Ten ‘can’t live without’ Apps that I use within my business on an almost daily basis.


This was always going to be my number one because its where I keep everything that I need access to across every device. It is such a great tool for your wedding business. I love it because I can make notes, keep lists, attach clippings, insert web pages and I use it in numerous different ways. Sometimes I use it to collect inspiration, sometimes to put together a To Do List, I have checklists on there, ideas, and even shopping lists.


If you want to have AMAZING looking images for your marketing, social media, emails, or proposals then this tool is what you need. Trust me I am no graphic designer but with Canva I can upload my image and this tool will make them look fabulous. All the usual things you would need from Instagram posts to Banner headers are all pre-made for you and you can even use their templates if you want. It really is plug and play.


Another great piece of software that is absolutely free. Audacity allows you to create fantastic audio right from your computer. I use it to record all the audio for my courses at the Wedding Academy, I use it for podcasts and essentially anything that needs audio. The best bit, apart from it being free, is that it takes zero tech skills to use it, which for me is essential. It works on both MAC and PC, so it really is a no brainer if you want to produce quality audio.


I discovered Jing from Techsmith a few years ago when I was looking for the ability to take a screenshot of my screen and write some comments on it to send back to my website designer. Up pops a website called Techsmith and a tool called Jing that lets you do just what I described and the best part is that it is free.

PDF Filler

Have you ever been away travelling with no access to a printer, but you urgently need to fill in a PDF form and send it back with your signature on it? I have and PDF Filler is a God send because it lets you upload your PDF and sign it online just as you would if you were in your office. All you need to do is upload your signature and then the doc and the rest is easy.


As someone who writes all the time I want to make sure that the quality of what I’m putting out there is spot on, so I have my friend Grammarly. It is like having a permanent English teacher with you, it spots your mistakes and fixes them for you. It works on any device and any browser. Fabulous! As a Wedding CEO I strongly suggest you use this to make sure every email and proposal you send to your clients is typo free!


With my team spread around the world it isn’t always easy to have conversations with the entire team but with Voxer I actually can. It’s essentially a walkie talkie App that allows you to send your voice message to multiple people. Imagine being at a large scale wedding and being able to message your whole team of assistants all at once using Voxer? Who has time to type texts in that situation? This was always going to be one of the tools for my wedding business list.


Another tool for social media but this one is done purely from your phone and it has some great cool fonts, backgrounds and colours for you to use and you can choose which preset template you want from Instagram Stories to a Pinterest post. It’s so quick and easy and saves straight to the Photos in your phone for easy posting – again its free too!


If you work as part of a team you need this App. Basically, it is a FREE project management system for both businesses and individuals and allows you to structure your workload with timelines, goals and to do lists that can be shared with your whole team. It is a great collaboration tool and keeps everything in one place. I love the hierarchy within it as you have organisation, teams, projects, tasks, and subtasks. Seriously, try it out I know you’ll love it.


It’s like a private Facebook Group on steroids. The perfect tool for your wedding business. You can create a team, share documents, tag people and create sub-channels within your work space. It’s genius for managing weddings. You can set up different channels for different aspects of the wedding and this is done using hashtags.
So you might have #decor #entertainment #catering etc. and you can set these channels to public or private but it allows you to immediately communicate with any of your team at any time. It works across all platforms and the best part is IT’S FREE.
And here’s two bonus tools for your wedding business that I of course have to mention, The Wedding Trend Report and the Wedding Business Magazine. Both of these are free publications and should absolutely be something you subscribe to.
Now this is just scratching the surface of the tools I use but these are ones I use on a daily basis and honestly couldn’t be without.
So now it’s your turn. What are some of your favourite tools? I’d love to know in case there is a hidden gem I don’t know about that can change my life.
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