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Top Tips For Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

This weeks post has been written by Zoe McKeown – an Academy tutor with our UK campus, as well as the owner of successful wedding & event planning business, Cherish Weddings. Take it away Zoe!
Most companies try to have a get together at Christmas with their employees. It can be a headache to organise and even after all the hard work and prep does everyone commit and turn up?
The party season is in full flow now so hopefully, you have the date and venue secured already, if not – make it a return to work after Christmas bash, in January.
So here are a few things to consider when planning a corporate Christmas party:
1) Spend a little bit of time on evaluation of previous events. Ask what stopped people attending and get some feedback on last year. It can be anonymous but you must stress that not all suggestions can be accommodated.
When I have organised Christmas work parties the first thing I want to know is how many people accept the invite and if there is a poor turnout what is putting people off. Is it the cost of a ticket, the location, the timing or just general apathy for the same old thing. What events have been a success in the past, are you ready to try something new?
2) It’s not too late to add in a theme or party challenge – novelty Christmas jumpers is a popular choice and quick to arrange at short notice.
3) Plan an activity to get everyone mingling. It could be ice skating to be festive or a taxi treasure hunt to get everyone out of the workplace and straight into fun mode. Splitting people up into teams works well even if it is just for a quick quiz with colleagues in the office. Most people enjoy the element of competition and this also allows for more chat when they come back together. An old idea but one that works really well is a round-up of the year with a prize-giving ceremony. Go for the laughs with this one and also celebrate the company achievements. Office parties are about boosting morale and making people feel valued so be sure you do express that too.
4) Plenty of food and drink will make any party swing into action. If your budget won’t stretch to champagne make a Christmas mulled wine punch and give it its own personalisation with a twist on the company name. Food stations where people have to mingle are good too, especially for dessert – chocolate fondues, doughnut walls, decorate your own mini Yule log.
5) Goody bags can be the finishing touch at the end of the evening or on arrival as a thank you for a year’s hard work. Everyone likes to be given a gift at Christmas and a small gesture of thanks also goes a long way. So give some thought as to what would be appropriate and appreciated by the staff. If you have time to hand write all the labels and add a touch of wow with the packaging it will be remembered and a great way to celebrate 2017.
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