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Our Top 10 Wedding Industry Stars to follow on Social Media

In every industry there are always those people that everyone looks up to, everyone admires and everyone aspires to, and the wedding industry is no different. As part of our ten-year anniversary celebrations, I’m sharing with you today my top 10 wedding industry stars. Some of them I have admired for as long as I have been in business and some are new additions to my list. They all have one thing in common though, they inspire me.

Mark Niemierko

Mark is a luxury wedding planner based in London Mark is the epitome of class and can boast a very enviable client list. Following Mark on social media is fun as his full personality comes out and if you want to know more about him he has a fabulous section on his website Meet Mr Niemierko.

Jasmine Star

Jasmine is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the industry, but she is also an educator. She is one smart lady who knows how to work her magic on Instagram and all the other social media platforms giving away lots of great advice. Oh, and her pictures are to die for.

David Tutera

I had the great pleasure of seeing David speak in Las Vegas at Catersource/Event Solutions and he is a superstar. There is plenty of great social media fodder with David especially with his new TV program due to air in October, David Tutera’s Celebrations.

Colin Cowie

Born in South Africa Colin Cowie’s name is synonymous with party planning and he exudes style in everything he does. He is a regular speaker at the luxury Engage! Summits and has a jet set lifestyle that is perfect for a bit of social media stalking.

Bruce Russell

Bruce is at the apogee of the international luxury bridal and party planning scene. Amongst the most highly sought after planners in London, he is Director of the eponymous Savoy Weddings By Bruce Russell at the Savoy Hotel.

Karen Tran

Karen is a celebrity floral designer and if it’s eye candy you’re after then following her on social media is a must. She is known for her expansive designs and she never fails to please as her designs are absolutely exquisite.

Zainab Alsalih

Zainab is a luxury wedding planner based in Dubai and the weddings she designs are reminiscent of the region she is based in. Each of her weddings is given a name and of course showcase her eye for detail and artistic flair, so her Instagram feed is filled with creative masterpieces.

Kathy Apostolidis

Kathy is Australia’s leading wedding planner and stylist. Her client lists include many celebrities and she has been featured in numerous magazines over the years. As the first wedding planner in Australia Kathy has been leading the way for new planners across the region.

Karissa Fanning

Karissa is based in Australia and is Founder & Editor of The LANE; an online wedding, fashion & lifestyle publication. She is also an Event Stylist and Art Director with an incredible eye and has become a definite style icon.

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