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Now in its 8th year The Wedding Academy is excited to bring you the 2022 International Wedding Trend Report.

Over those 8 years we’ve certainly seen some changes both in the wedding industry and throughout the world in general.

I don’t know about you but 2022 already has a feeling of hope surrounding it.

I know certainly in my part of the world, in rural Southwest France, Spring has come early bringing with it new growth and hope for the month’s that lie ahead.

And that’s how I feel about the forthcoming year…

2022 feels like the year of optimism.

Planners, venues, photographers, stylists, caterers and so many other wedding pros are telling me they’re fully booked for the coming season, and the one after that. It’s wonderful to hear the positivity after two years of turmoil.

It’s time to get your wedding mojo back because we’re about to see a spike that’s not been seen since the boom in the 80’s, and I for one am excited.

Time to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of weddings.


Global 2022
Wedding Trend Report

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The Wedding Academy | Become a Wedding Planner