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Understated Elegant Wedding Inspiration by Hilde.

 As publishers of the International Wedding Trend Report, we have the great pleasure of working with some wonderful talent from across the global wedding industry. One such person is Anne, a London based planner and stylist, and founder of wedding business Hilde. Anne describes Hilde. as all about stories, “The little everyday ones and the ones so special that they shape who you are.” Hilde. is about creating meaningful weddings that are a personal reflection of who the couple is and the stories they have created. And when it comes to the celebration of love we couldn’t think of a more beautiful intent.

“I’m inspired by people, their stories and passions and have started Hilde. with the intention to offer a creative service that is about exactly that – from both a planning and design perspective.” 


We fell in love with Anne’s contemporary elegant and understated style and jumped at the opportunity to feature her work in our 2018 report. Her shoot, ‘Cold Summer, Warm Hearts’, is the epitome of elegant minimalism and refined beauty, a reflection of her own meaningful experiences.

“I was inspired by my husband’s and my story, our elopement wedding in San Francisco and generally the things that make us feel alive: our life in London, our travels, simplicity and intimate gatherings with people we love.”

The theme is also about contrasts, explains Anne, “about mixing cold and warm, feminine and masculine, light and dark as well as texture and smoothness.” The result is stunning; I am sure you will agree!

So for someone so inspired by the personal journey of her couples, we wanted to get Anne’s thoughts on trends, where she finds inspiration and the role trends play in her work.

“To me trends provide an indication on what is currently ’trending’ or for a better word encouraged and expected. And even though I don’t believe in following them, I still think they’re relevant to the industry, as they not only reflect the visual but also cultural Zeitgeist, which I often find very inspiring and can lead me to somewhere totally unexpected.”

 “I find inspiration in travelling, other cultures, nature and in speaking with people who do something entirely different to me. It can also be a scent that triggers an idea for a design concept or just purely the energy of a place or person. I’ve met so many amazing people through Hilde., which to me is probably most inspiring.” 


 “I personally think that the aesthetic of ‘minimalism’ is something that’s definitely here to stay and something that very much appeals to my couples.”

Photographer: Claudia Gödke // Florist: Carla Gottlieb, Still Life Flowers // Cake: Lucie Bennett // Jewellery: Tom Foolery // Planning, Design, Styling: Anne Ladegast-Chiu, Hilde. 

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