Using Trends as a Wedding Stylist

Using trends as a wedding stylist is a hot topic right now and unless you’ve been on a social media hiatus over the last few weeks, you will know that on the 3rd of January the Academy released their International Wedding Trend Report for 2020
The report features so many beautifully planned, designed and styled wedding inspiration shoots from talented supplier teams from around the world. Inspired by this, we’ve been talking all things wedding styling on the Academy blog this month.
If you joined the live premiere of the official report video and you’ve already worked your way through the report then you’ll have a good grasp of what the top wedding trend predictions are. If you haven’t got your free copy of the report yet then you can still register for one here.
So now you know what the industry pros predict will be trending how can you use this in your own wedding styling work? Today I’m sharing some of my tips for using trends as a Wedding Stylist.
using trends

Be Original

I think one of the common objections to the concept of trends is that it doesn’t allow for originality and personal style. I think there is sometimes a misconception that following a visual trend means producing lots of copy cats. The key thing to remember with trends is that there is so much scope for translation.
As a wedding stylist, your client’s personal style and your professional signature style should still influence any trend-led design. For example, my take on the eco-conscious wedding trend (as featured in the report) is still minimalist, modern and stylish in line with my brand. A classically elegant and traditional take on this same trend would look completely different.

Be Selective

Working with trends is not about throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. You need to be selective about what trends you use within the wedding design. It’s not about quantity but quality so use what is relevant. It’s common for clients to come to you at the beginning with so many ideas, often too many different styles on their Pinterest boards. It is our job to help them rationalise and prioritise to help create a clear vision.
The same principle applies with trends. Work with your clients to carefully pick which trends (if any) they might incorporate into their day to take the look and feel to the next level.
using trends

Don’t Forget Your Clients

Make sure your clients are always at the forefront of your mind when you are working on their wedding design. In my opinion the best weddings are those that visually and emotionally represent the couple. A wedding should be unique and truly personal.
So be careful not to get carried away with trend-led ideas. Instead look to incorporate those trends that work in with the couple’s preferences and style. For example, if your clients love hosting relaxed dinner parties for their friends perhaps suggest styled grazing tables instead of traditional canapés. Don’t push trends that don’t feel like they match your couple.

All photography by Carolina Sainz

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