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The Wedding Business Magazine July 2017

It doesn’t seem possible that we are already over halfway through the year and before we know it we will be sitting down to update our business plans in readiness for the new year ahead. For me this is something that I try to do as much as possible during the year, and as this issue of the magazine is all about the psychology of being in business I thought it would be a good subject for me to talk about.
I like to think about my business plan as plotting a journey. When you decide to travel somewhere there are usually several routes you can take and it is a question of taking the one that makes the most sense for you. Sometimes your route changes mid journey due to unforeseen circumstances, such as roadworks or diversions, and a business plan is very similar. During the course of any year you never know what might rear its head or what opportunities are thrown in your path. This means you need to be flexible and allow your business plan to be fluid, changing as your needs change.

So What’s in this Issue?

As with every issue I am excited to introduce you to our feature interviewees as well as our regular contributors. Each issue of the magazine seems to keep getting better and this one is no exception. Our first feature is an interview with the hugely talented Zainab AlSalih of Carousel Weddings and Events who is one of Dubai’s leading wedding planners and designers. Zainab tells us about some of the amazing weddings she has designed and what makes them so unique. be ready for some stunning imagery.
Our second feature is with Anna Shi of Ever-Pretty an online site that is a one-stop dress shop for all occasions, including everything from weddings, date night, holidays, and more. Anna gives us the answers to what it takes to build an occasion wear fashion empire.
Also on the list is Bethel Nathan, a business coach and speaker, helping wedding industry professionals to have more robust and sustainable businesses. In this interview she shares with us a simple formula that will help your wedding business achieve success.
Another fantastic edition to this issue is a fun interview with Jen Glantz founder of Bridesmaids for Hire, a service that provides bridal party members to paying couples. What a unique idea. She has been a featured guest on such programs as the Today Show and Good Morning America, and in our interview she talks about what sparked her unique business idea and how she’s expanded that idea into a multifaceted career.
Rebecca Wilson also stopped by to tell us more about the Eventice. Rebecca founded ESPRecruitment in London in 1999 and with business partner Liz Sinclair and grew the business into one of the leading global event recruitment companies, with offices in Dubai and London.
Here to tell us more about technology in the wedding world we are pleased to introduce Eddie Babbage of Timeline Genius. Eddie has over ten years of experience as a tech entrepreneur, boasting degrees from Duke University and Harvard Law School.
Our In Her Shoes feature this issue is with Val Mattinson of Benessamy Wedding and Event Planning and she talks us through her processes and life as a wedding planner in Nottingham.
Finally, our inspirational entrepreneur story comes from Janine Allis the founder of Boost Juice, a chain of juice and smoothie stores that has expanded into an international brand company called Retail Zoo. She is one of Australia? smost respected business women, winning the prestigious Telstra BusinessWoman of the Year Award in 2004 and being inducted into the Australian Franchising Hall of Fame in 2015.
Our regular columns with Meghan Ely on WedPR, Kathy DalPra on WedSEO, Shannon DePalma on WedSocial, Heidi Thompson WedPromo, Emma Etheridge on WedBiz, Christina Scalera on WedLegal, Kellie Daab on WedExpert, Heather Waits on WedBiz and Sam Lloyd on WedGuru. are also packed with great advice and tips as per usual.

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The images from this issue of the magazine were from a Wind in the Willows Inspired Wedding shoot:

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