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The Wedding Business Magazine October 2017

For our final issue of the magazine for 2017 we are looking at the impact of social media when it comes to running a wedding business and how you can use it to the optimum. It is so easy to become consumed with social media and spend time analysing what others are doing and agonising over the fact they seem to be doing better than you, and I urge you not to go down that path. Whilst you of course need to be aware of what others are doing much of it is a smoke screen and isn’t real. Think about how you post photos on your own Instagram account, taking 8 snaps of the same cocktail to ensure it looks as perfect as it can be to show off your fabulous life. We’ve all done it so you know what I am talking about.
As with everything there is an art to social media. Get it right and you will reap the rewards. Get it wrong and it has just helped you to waste several hours of your valuable time for no return. I could go on, but I would rather leave you in the very capable hands of our experts who have so many great words of advice, tips and tricks for you to apply to become the social media geniuses of the wedding world.

So What’s in this Issue?

This issue is our biggest yet with some serious heavy hitters from within the industry. Our first feature interview really needs no introduction, Mr Simon T Bailey, the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, a premium education company specializing in creating learning and development content for individuals and organizations. Prior to founding his company, Simon worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for 20 years and was sales director and new business development director for the world-renowned Disney Institute based at Walt Disney World Resort. Simon gives us his expert advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and how he defines success.
Next up we talk to the founder of BrideBook, Hamish Shepherd who left a successful career in banking after his experience in the wedding industry began when he transformed his grandmother’s old home into one of the UK’s leading wedding venues. During this process, he discovered that most couples spent the majority of their engagement feeling overwhelmed and confused by the whole wedding planning process, which led him to launch BrideBook. Hamish chats to us about social media marketing and the importance of tech to millennial couples.
No social media issue would be complete without speaking to Julie Albaugh, who has been a leader in the wedding industry for over 25 years. As an international social media expert, TwitterGrader.com has ranked her number one for wedding searches for # followfriday, as well as having WeddingMarket selected as number three of the top 10 social media influencers in the Wedding industry by Wed Biz Media. Julie has some great advice that she shares with us on social media marketing.
We have some straight talking advice from Morgan Montgomery on how to have consistency on social media and make it work harder for you. Morgan is is the co-owner of Paisley & Jade, a specialty rental company serving the Mid-Atlantic. In addition to growing an extensive collection of vintage chairs, she also spends her time serving as the Treasurer on the NACE National Board, consulting with other specialty rental businesses, speaking at conferences across the country, and posting too many pictures of her feet on Instagram.
Hashtags are a necessary evil in the world of social media but does anyone really know how to use them effectively, well our next expert, Kirstin Halstead, certainly does. Kirstin is a Branding, Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. With a background in fashion and 7 years working in the Wedding & Event Industry and trained by some of the most influential Social Media Marketing & Blogging experts in the UK & USA. She gives us some fantastic advice on hashtag research for Instagram.
Our In Their Shoes feature this issue is with James Christianson and Otto Schulze, the team behind James and Schulze, who have created a unique photography business partnership and they tell us their story and give some great tips on how to manage a partnership effectively.
Our neweset columnist is Lindsay Lucas, a Wedding Venue Consultant who will be dedicating her articles to all things related to running a wedding venue, so welcome Lindsay.
We also have some top tips from Marley Majcher and Pamella Dunn and Meghan Ely gives us the lowdown on what happened in Las Vegas at Wedding MBA.
We also love to support new businesses and in this issue we follow the journey of Stacey Gates, an Academy student who has just launched her new business.
Our regular columns with Meghan Ely on WedPR, Kathy DalPra on WedSEO, Shannon DePalma on WedSocial, Heidi Thompson WedPromo, Emma Etheridge on WedBiz, Christina Scalera on WedLegal, Kellie Daab on WedExpert, and Sam Lloyd on WedGuru. are also packed with great advice and tips as per usual.

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The images from this issue of the magazine were froma Boho Luxe Lavender inspired shoot and I think you’ll agree it is stunning:

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