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wedding & event career at any age

Why You Can Start A Wedding & Event Career At Any Age

Last week I talked about changing careers and the emotions and decision making involved. I shared my personal career change story and my tips for deciding if it’s the right time for you to make the change. Today I want to tell WHY you can start a wedding & event career at any age.
Working in weddings and events is a dream for so many of you but funnily enough, particularly with weddings, it’s a dream that many don’t realise until slightly later on in their professional career.  That’s not to say we don’t get those in their early twenties coming to the Academy to start their wedding & events training, we absolutely do. But what I want to get across to you today is that people just like you are launching new careers in the industry every day, and those people span a variety of age groups. So don’t let your age be the thing that holds you back from a career you’ll love.
When I decided to take the plunge and change careers I had just recently turned 30. I’d been in the fashion industry for 7 years but I struggled to picture myself there in another 7. My job had stopped being one of the things I loved, I was still good at it and I could have continued to be successful but it was making me unhappy.
I know I wasn’t alone in feeling like this. Many students and graduates I have connected with since joining the Academy have a similar story. In our late teens, we are encouraged to make huge decisions that lay the foundations for our future career but as we grow older our dreams and aspirations change. There is nothing like a big milestone, such as entering a new decade or having a family to make us reassess our life plans.
One of the great things about the wedding and events industry is that it employs a wide range of people with different backgrounds of a variety of ages and experience levels. Working in weddings and events utilises so many different skills so I can say with confidence that no matter what your previous education or employment, you WILL have valuable skills to bring to your new career.  The other more industry-specific skills and knowledge can be gained from taking a course like the comprehensive training we offer here at the Academy.

The great thing about launching a new career is that you can take it at a pace that suits you. You are in control. If you are at a point in your life where you don’t have many responsibilities and you have plenty of free time then dive right in, you can make that career change happen now. For others of you taking it slow and steady can be the right pace for you. If you have a mortgage to pay and/or family to support then keeping up your current 9-5 job whilst you make the career transition might be essential. In the long term having your own wedding and events business offers more flexibility than standard 9-5 employment, allowing you to fit work around your family, other lifestyle commitments, and even other business ventures.
The fact is there is no right or wrong way to go about your career change, it’s about tailoring your plans and goals to suit your situation. Our tutors will not only help you navigate your way through your training,  they will also support with career advice and guidance. And once you join the Academy you can connect with our international community of students and graduates who all help, support and motivate each other.
If you’d like to discuss your career dreams with one of the Academy team you can book a free career consultation with us. Click the links below to connect with a Career Advisor in your region. They’d love to hear from you!
Christine of our Australian and New Zealand campuses
Zoe of our UK (& Europe) campus
Bonita of our Arabian (GCC regions) campus
Sandra of our North American campus

Martha Tobyn is a UK Academy graduate, the Academy Brand Manager and the Founder and Wedding Planner & Stylist behind Modern London wedding business Anemone. She loves being creative and helping couples have the wedding they really want.

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