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Do you dream about being a Wedding Planner?

Do you dream about being a Wedding Planner?

Are you lucky enough to have your dream job?

‘Do something you love and never work a day in your life.’

That’s the saying that we’ve all seen on Pinterest, quoted on Instagram and written all over the Internet.

Most of us have dreamt about having the ‘dream career‘, one that sets us alight making us jump out of bed in the morning.

But what would it mean to you if you actually had a job that you loved? One that puts a spring in your step and makes you feel excited and motivated.

Nothing should hold you back from changing careers to wedding planning, styling and design.


At the Wedding Academy we’ve successfully launched over 500 wedding planning businesses in 2019 alone and many of them have gone on to leave their jobs and are working full time wedding planners.

Plus, many of them came from a variety of previous careers and with little or no prior experience before being guided by the global team of Mentors at the Wedding Academy.

We believe no-one should feel stuck in a job which they don’t really enjoy.

Being in business is about having a positive mindset and confidence and this is something we teach at the Wedding Academy.

Nothing should hold you back from fully realising your ambition and stepping into that new vision of yourself.

As a wedding planner you get to be an integral part of a wedding.

You’re that go-to person that gets to see their vision become a reality, the one that shows your wedding clients and their family just what can be achieved with their ideas.

It’s an absolute privilege and the best feeling in the world.

One of our Alumni Martha started out exactly where you are now. She had a job in the fashion industry which was not fulfilling her or allowing her to follow her passions.

Fast forward 3 years and Martha is a certified Wedding Planner and Stylist with her own wedding business, Anemone, working with clients she loves doing a job that makes her feel truly alive

Hear Martha talk about her role as a Wedding Stylist, how she got started and just how she feels now she has her ‘dream job’.

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