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Earlier this year, I recorded a Podcast with internationally loved blogger, Sara Burnett of Burnetts Boards. You can listen to the interview here if you missed it.
What is interesting about Sara’s blog is the way it has evolved over time. As you will hear her mention in our chat, when she first started out, the blog was all about Inspiration Boards and her readers loved them. They still do. But now, instead of publishing an Inspiration Board each day, she is featuring more and more styled shoots and her readers love them too.  What I particularly love about the shoots Sara features is that they mostly have a creative and artistic focus, rather than a real wedding focus and from a wedding professionals point of view, this is the type of shoot I want to be seeing. I am looking to shoots for inspiration for my work. I want to see unique concepts, a range of moods and unusual colour combinations, because they encourage me to be creative and think outside the square when I am working with clients or within my business.
How you use a styled shoot might be different to how Sara uses them though.  If you are a planner/designer, especially one who is just starting out, you will be doing shoots to attract clients and if you are doing this, you need to consider your niche and what is going to appeal to them. You will still want to be creative and directional rather than a trend disciple, but you might need to be more in step with your target client, to give them the confidence to work with you.
Last year we delved into styled shoots in detail in a series of posts which I think are worth referring you to again, especially if you are one of our students who is starting to think about images for your business website.  A Styled Shoot could be the perfect way to capture those unique images, which reflect your style, to your target market and this is why the Academy team will be heading to Dubai in February, to do a Styled Shoot for our soon to launch Emirates Academy of Wedding Planning.
To learn more about how we approach Styled Shoots, click on the links below:

If you are a student or a graduate needing guidance on how to approach your first styled shoot, or if you have a styled shoot you would like to share with us, I would love to hear from you.  Simply email the details to me

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